It's a new day, with more designs on the way! I am excited to share my new location with you on the east end in Portland. I have introduced new designs as well as curated an entire gift boutique within Fiore Home. It is located at 34 Washington Ave in Portland. I am there on Wednesdays from 11-6 and we are also open Tuesday-Saturday.
I am making gorgeous earrings with beads made by fantastic glass work artists from all over the world. Matching the beads with accent and contrasting crystals and other beads has become an artistic challenge that I love.
The KLD Apothecary line is new. Made with all natural ingredients and organic essential oils, it is a lovely way to nourish the skin and indulge in aromatherapy all day. The gift line quite broad so I invite you to follow Kris Lape Designs on Instagram. All of the boutique items are mindfully sourced, prioritizing natural ingredients and women owned businesses.

All meant to be worn in the moment with great joy.

About KLD...

I am excited to announce that I currently show my work as well as a curated boutique within Fiore Home on the east end of Portland.  It is a natural progression of growth as an artist.

In the past my work has been shown at:
Farnsworth Art Museum gift shop, Rockland
Archipelago Gallery, Rockland
Artisry, Guilford, CT
Center for Maine Craft, Gardiner
Monkitree, Gardiner
Kennebeck River Artisans, Hallowell
Lisa Marie's Made in Maine, Portland and Bath
Nest, Brunswick
Wyler Gallery, Brunswick
Ember Grove, Portland
Motifs, Portland
The Birch Canoe, Casco
Designer Circus, Portland
Designing Women, Portland, Manchester
St Lawrence Center for the Arts

I am a Portland native, and an artist with an interest in all things handmade. I design and create original jewelry composed of both contemporary and traditional styles by using pearls, gemstones, lamp work, and high quality metals. Color and texture are combined to reflect the beauty in life.